June certainly promises to be a month of changes at our golf club.

Please note that the green fees have been increased and you are encouraged to view the notices at various strategic boards at the club.

The new committee has had their first meetings and lots of promise is in the future for these guys. It has been decided to form certain sub-committees to assist the main committee to get our club back on sound footing.

These sub committees are:

Marketing & Communication

  • Gregg White-Responsible Committee Member
  • Hendrik van den Berg
  • Leonie Brandt
  • Andy Murray
  • Solly Bellingham

Family Orientation

  • Greg Park-Responsible Committee Member
  • Frank Poulter
  • Grant Syme
  • Gavin Hansen
  • Jaques Bothma
  • Hugo Lambrechts

Sponsorship & Event Planning

  • Gavin Levin-Responsible Committee Member
  • Mike Turetz
  • Gareth Farinha
  • Ian Scott

Rounds & Membership

  • Billy Pollock-Responsible Committee Member
  • Derek de Smidt
  • Stephen Rossiter

These committees will be responsible to inject some new enthusiasm into our members and club to encourage a whole new feel at our club and bring the families back.
If anybody else feels they can add a worthy contribution to the cause and would like to join these committees they are more than welcome, just contact the responsible member of the committee.

One of the changes at the club is the fact that we are now open for golf on Mondays and there is a special available for members and visitors, see below:

Our Ladies section have initiated a drive to collect cans of food for the needy in our area and it would be much appreciated if each of you could bring a can or two of food with you the next time you are at the club and hand it in at the office.

The following events have been planned for the near future by our ladies’ section as well. Please place them in your diary and make an effort to support them on these days.

You will also notice that the Proshop is also holding various golf days such as the US Open on Friday the 28th June. We also urge you to try and attend these events.

Now for the latest league standings.

Ladies Sunday League

I am afraid the Ladies Gauteng Golf page was under construction and I could not download the league.

Men’s Handicap League

Congratulations to the handicap league side for achieving their first win against Bryanston recently.

Junior League

Mid-am League

Scratch League – A Side
This side is doing exceptionally well so far.

Scratch League – B Side

The following members are celebrating their birthdays during the month of June and we wish them all the best.

Mrs Aleida Zweep 1956/06/01
Mr Jarno Loubser 1975/06/01
Miss Cheryl James 1963/06/01
Mr David Essey 1950/06/03
Mr Joe Sack (snr) 1925/06/04
Mr Anton Roos 1970/06/04
Mr Nolan Smit 1973/06/04
Mr John Graham Syme 1939/06/05
Mr Douglas Tillie 1949/06/05
Mr Jeffrey Michael Sack (jnr) 1952/06/05
Mr Frederick Michael Welman 1941/06/05
Mr Basil Collins 1941/06/06
Mr Bill Bailey 1950/06/06
Dr Leon Botha 1935/06/06
Mr Shaheer Ajoodha 1972/06/06
Mr Cyprian Matlapeng 1971/06/06
Mr Gerrie Roos 1957/06/07
Mr Michael Pienaar 1996/06/07
Mr Colin Jeffery Leach 1950/06/09
Mrs Tersia Susara Wessels 1946/06/09
Mr Pierre Joubert 1971/06/10
Mr Norman Alexander Murray 1947/06/10
Mrs Loraine Patricia Smit 1952/06/11
Mr Jason Phillips 1975/06/11
Mr David Frederick Johnson 1955/06/11
Mr Zander Kotze 1997/06/12
Mr Brett Wheatcroft 1970/06/12
Mr Cornelius Van Der Merwe 1949/06/12
Mr Jeff Sauls 1951/06/13
Mr Basil Proctor 1949/06/13
Mr James Cronin 1954/06/14
Mr Gert Greyling 1959/06/14
Mr A J Kruger 1955/06/15
Mr Johan Pieterse 1976/06/15
Mr Oliver Webb 1982/06/16
Mr Ivo Rugani 1972/06/16
Mr J M Irvine 1954/06/16
Mrs Vicky Becker 1960/06/16
Mrs Deirdre Wentzel 1948/06/17
Mr Liam Davy 2007/06/17
Miss Lynette Schickerling 1977/06/17
Mr Jacques Van Staden 1986/06/18
Mr Niël Joubert 2006/06/18
Mr Lenivasen Moodley 1963/06/18
Mr Larry Friedman 1956/06/21
Mr Malcolm Veale 1936/06/21
Mrs Michelle Edwards 1967/06/22
Mr Simon Du Plooy 2000/06/22
Mr Jacques Van Niekerk 1971/06/22
Mr Willem Dirker 1948/06/22
Mr Willem Johannes Nagel 1983/06/22
Mrs Michele Irvine 1955/06/22
Mr Gary Diepraam 1956/06/22
Mr Philip De Beer 1957/06/22
Mr James Mclaren 1975/06/23
Miss Claudette Beukes 1970/06/23
Mr Paul Vorster 1948/06/23
Mr Jan Horak 1944/06/25
Mr Juandre Bezuidenhout 2005/06/25
Mr Chris Schoeman 1937/06/25
Mr Antois Pieterse 1958/06/25
Mrs Belinda Van Aarde 1975/06/26
Mr Gavin Stewart 1949/06/26
Mr Shaun Whiteside 1963/06/26
Mr Jacobus Van Niekerk 1946/06/27
Mr Pieter Gerhardus De Koker 1967/06/27
Mr Raymond Howes 1960/06/28
Mrs Jenny Donald 1950/06/28
Mrs Suzette Du Plessis 1955/06/28
Mr Peter Combrink 1947/06/29
Miss Glynnis Styles 1973/06/29
Mr John William Dyas 1943/06/29
Mrs Carol Ann Keylock 1946/06/29
Mr Carel Petrus Swanepoel 1945/06/30

See you on the greens.

Gregg White
Committee Member