So, AGM April has come and gone.

The AGM was well attended and rather a heated discussion was had between the committee and the members regarding certain aspects of the running of the club. A number of the members agreed to put up their hands and offered to assist the committee where possible in the future.

The new committee that was elected to serve for the 2019 year is as follows:

  • President: Bill Bailey
  • Vice President: Billy Pollock
  • Club Captain: Brian Cornelissen
  • Club Vice Captain: Norman Murray
  • Committee Members:
    • Gavin Levin
    • Greg Park
    • Frank Poulter
    • Gregg White
    • Arno Zweep

I wish the new committee all the best for the future and certainly hope that with the help of the sub committees our club will be managed to their best ability.

Some really sad news is that Pierre Kotze has decided to resign from his position of Club Manager due to personal reasons. We wish Pierre everything of the best for the future and thank him profusely for all the work he has done for the club during his years of service. You will be sorely missed MENEER.

Below are our clubs league teams results so far and as you can see some of our sides are really struggling but we know that this can be turned around at any time.

Ladies Sunday League

Men’s Handicap League

Junior League

Mid Am League

The scratch league has not started yet and their results will be advertised as soon as they do.

I would like to wish the following members who celebrate their birthdays during the month of May, everything of the best.

Mr Craig Woodward 1967/05/01
Mr Stephan Nothnagel 1965/05/01
Mr Robbie Coetzee 1989/05/02
Mr George Van Der Merwe 1980/05/03
Mrs Louwkie Nel 1971/05/03
Mr Connor Wheatcroft 2000/05/03
Mr Ruben Janse Van Rensburg 2001/05/03
Mr Sarel Meintjes 1985/05/05
Mr Micharl De Lange 1973/05/05
Mr Clive Diener 1949/05/05
Mrs Erika Swart 1960/05/05
Mr Alfred Rufener 1949/05/06
Mr Danie Bosman 1957/05/07
Mr William Roberts 1976/05/07
Mr Friso Wouda 1962/05/07
Miss Nicolene Botha 1967/05/08
Mr Juan Van Der Westhuizen 1999/05/08
Mr Theodorus Woudstra 1952/05/08
Mr Rashid Ahmed Limbada 1950/05/11
Mr Adriaan Lodewikus Van Wyk 1972/05/11
Mr Gama Mutemeri 1958/05/12
Mr Christo Van Duyker 1989/05/12
Mr Michael Miller 1985/05/12
Mr Alan Taylor 1968/05/13
Mr Oscar Sutton 1983/05/15
Mr Francois Kotze 1964/05/15
Dr Wayne Nell 1965/05/15
Miss Jacqueline Duncan 1975/05/15
Mr Anthony Labuschagne 1961/05/16
Mr Xolani Nxanga 1972/05/16
Mr Johan Van Tonder 1943/05/17
Mr Wikus Lotz 1986/05/17
Mr Stokkies Hanekom 1989/05/17
Mr Leon Van Heerden 1968/05/18
Mr Ken Worsley 1943/05/19
Miss Kerry Lawrie 1972/05/19
Mr Paul Zanner 1940/05/21
Mr Daniel Modise 1971/05/21
Mrs Retha White 1964/05/22
Mr Albert Van Den Berg 1974/05/22
Mr Leon Ferreira 1951/05/22
Mrs Rita Wilken 1948/05/23
Mr Trevor William Pittie 1983/05/23
Dr E L Gurnell 1971/05/24
Miss Belinda Mans 1971/05/24
Mr Martin Janse Van Rensburg 1971/05/24
Mr Dillon De La Hunt V.d Merwe 1994/05/25
Mr Divan Vosloo 1989/05/26
Mr Cornelius Vogel 1968/05/26
Mr Gordon Ian Smit 1952/05/26
Mr Leslie John Barrett 1955/05/26
Mr Johan Victor 1975/05/27
Mr Danny Pillay 1965/05/27
Mrs Wendy Oosthuizen 1970/05/27
Mr Francois Lindeque 1980/05/28
Mr Dion Breedt 1951/05/28
Mr Dieter Gildenhuys 2002/05/28
Mr Mark Henry Peter Van Rensburg 1961/05/28
Mr Corneliuis Bekker 1974/05/28
Mr Edwin Brooks 1945/05/29
Mr Mattheus Streicher 1959/05/29
Mr Dieter Kehlert 1938/05/30
Mr Martin Charles Phillips 1955/05/31
Mr Clarence Healey 1947/05/31
Mr Kevin Ian Mahon 1942/05/31

See you on the greens.

Gregg White
Committee Member